1. AIM maximizes the rent by comparing prices to similar properties in your area and offering our network to expose your asset to a large population.
  2. AIM gives you feedback on the marketability of your home and makes cost effective suggestions to improve it
  3. AIM inspects and inventories the major appliances at your property.
  4. AIM takes pictures and places ads on absoluteisland.com, craigslist.org, rentals.com and our many partner sites to market your property (over 200).
  5. As leads for your property are received they will be immediately addressed and worked.
  6. Tours will be scheduled with our leasing manager and he will send you a weekly update on prospects and the feedback we receive from them.


  1. In order to rent from AIM we require a credit check, criminal background check and income verification. Renters must meet our qualifications to be considered for a lease agreement.
  2. Before a renter moves in AIM will take pictures of the home’s interior for our files to be referenced when the tenant moves out, noting the condition as well as any existing items.
  3. AIM administers the lease agreement and holds the tenant responsible for any damage outside of normal wear and tear to the home.
  4. AIM has cutting-edge accounting software that stores electronic copies of all documents, pictures and communications with your tenant; these are available for your review at any time.
  5. AIM performs a quarterly inspection of your home to change the air filter and check for any obvious lease violations and other areas of concern.
  6. AIM pays rent distributions by the 10th of the month and offers an online owner web portal to track all account activity.
  7. As a customer of AIM we are committed to increasing your property value and will do everything we can to protect your asset.