Important Things To Know Before Signing A LeaseIs this your first time renting? There are a lot of things to consider. Read on to discover some of the important things to know before signing a lease.

Inspect the place

Never be afraid to visit the new place for inspection. You can even carry a notepad and camera with you. You are prospecting to live in this place, so go check it out, this will also help you later when you move out. As you inspect the property, document everything. Then, you can ask to get some fixed if you notice them damaged before you move in. If it cannot get fixed, ensure the property management company notes it on your lease.

Get details about rent

Inquire what is included and what is not in the rent. There are some places where water and energy bills are included in each month’s rent. Some do offer laundry on site or a fitness center as part of your package. These will determine your budget. So, always get clear information on what you are to pay separately from rent if you are to get homes for rent in Bluffton SC.

Can you modify the property? 

Do not forget to ask whether you can make changes on the property like painting the walls. Are you allowed to put nails into the walls for hanging artwork? Nail holes might be considered as damage. It means when you are leaving, your security deposit will be less after deductions for the nail holes. Also never attempt to paint without clarification from the landlord. Be sure to find out first whether you are permitted to do so.

Are pets allowed?

Do you own any pets? Then, you have first to ask if you can bring the pet along. Is the pet part of your regular deposit or you are to pay a pet deposit? Some landlords allow pets but not others. Some allow pets not over a certain size.  It is better to find out first.

Now you are set up with a few steps to begin your renting process. Remember, the most important thing is to ensure that everything is put into writing. It will act as a guarantee that there will be no misunderstandings.

Posted by: lauren on August 23, 2017
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