landscapingAIM is pleased to offer landscape management services. We will customize a plan for your property and provide discounts based on our buying power at local nurseries for pine straw, annuals and shrubs. In addition, our clients receive a monthly quality control inspection from a licensed property manager to ensure all contractual obligations are met as well as to provide feedback and recommendations for the asset to increase curb appeal and property value. We are leading the industry in landscape maintenance by offering a licensed manager inspection included at no additional cost. Please contact us today for a free no obligation quote.

Mowing and Cutting

We provide top of the line commercial equipment to service our assets.

Weeding and Edging

We always hand pull weeds and provide our landscape beds with defined edges for a polished look.


All properties are blown after they are serviced to leave a clean debris free site.

Tree Canopy Trimming

We will trim up to 8 feet to ensure beautiful canopies. We remove all debris from the site.

Seasonal Plantings

We provide discounts on all new plant material and will work with you on design upgrades, from color application and pine straw to hardscape design to maximize use and aesthetic.

Pressure Washing Service

At least once a year we will quote additional cleaning services to make sure surfaces appear fresh and to prolong the life span of siding materials. Walkways and decks look their best when cleaned and we want your asset to shine.

Licensed Manager Inspection

All serviced properties will have a monthly inspection performed by one of our trained and licensed property managers. They will check on the progress of any open projects, the quality of our monthly service and will make recommendations to improve the curb appeal of the asset.


Please feel free to contact us so we may present you with true management solutions based on our experience, coupled with the technology we embrace.
We look forward to working with you.